Frequently Asked Questions

  • No, it is the most popular short-term rental site so it should never be ignored. In addition to Airbnb, we also always monitor FlipKey, VRBO, and HomeAway and will monitor other sites by client request.

  • To sign up please click here. You can also use the "Sign Up Now" button on our index page. Please provide the address of the property you want us to start monitoring.
    If you prefer, you can also request a free quote.

  • Please login here.
    Username and password information was sent to you in the email where you received the activation link to complete your sign up process.

  • Please go to: Password Recovery.
    Let us know your email address and press the submit button. We will send you an e-mail with a link to a page where you can set a new password.

  • Pricing is dependent upon the amount of (1) number of units in your building, (2) listings near your building, (3) features you want and (4) length of our agreement.

    For the service where we are doing the matching, the number of units in a building matters because our human researchers will need to compare photos of units to all of the listings we scraped.

    This is about the geography and popularity of your area. In New York city for example, there are usually thousands of listings to manually go through. In areas where there are less listings we can charge a lower amount per unit or even a per building charge.

    We offer a service that just scrapes all the listings near your building - allowing you to comb through them yourself to see if any match your building. This service is priced differently than our full service where we do the matching for you with our dedicated team of human researchers.

    We are willing to do month to month agreements where you manage the relationship with a credit card through our secure payment system (Stripe) or we do offer discounts for longer yearly contracts.

    To know more about our pricing, please click here.

  • Our system permanently stores all the listings. If a host removes one listing of your interest from the leasing site, you can still see it in our website and have access to all the important details like pictures, reviews and more.

  • No, just a web browser.

  • There are many ways to get in touch.
    Call Cate Phillips @ +1-646-494-8703
    Call general sales department @ +1-775-301-1052
    You can write us to
    By using the Live Chat on our website.
    Or send us a message through our contact us form here.