Ways Tenants Trick You and Skirt the Law to Make Extra Money

Posted on March 07, 2018 by LeaseAbuse

Beautiful Woman Holding Lots of Money

Your tenants want extra money. We all want extra money. It's just a fact of life. If a tenant believes they can get that money with little risk of consequences, the lure of hundreds to thousands of dollars in extra income will usually trump any perceived fear of retaliation.

Short term rentals provide income and for some, they feel the risk is still worth the reward. We've read countless articles about how enlightening and savvy it can be to apartment share. There are even ways that Airbnb can be used in New York that is legal. However, the truth is that over 2/3 of the listings in New York are illegal. If an opportunistic tenant sees apartment sharing as a quick and easy way to make a buck, chances are they will supplement their income via this increasingly common path.

Here are the most common ways we see tenants and owners use trickery to mitigate the risk of retaliation by their landlords and coop boards:

  • Posting only at night on sites like Airbnb or using the sleep functionality that Airbnb offers to hide the post for a bit.
  • Using other countries' sites
  • Pictures that are appealing but make it very hard to tell what the place actually looks like
  • Fake host profiles
  • Pretending to be friends with the vacationers

Trying to solve this rampant problem on your own is time-consuming, confusing, and most often ends in nothing but frustration. Your employees aren't equipped with the skills of research and investigation because that's simple not the skill set required for property management. Luckily, a solution to stopping sub-letting is something that is easily outsourced.

How LeaseAbuse solves short-term rental trickey and saves you money

  • Creation of a database of every rental post, even if the post gets removed.
  • 24 hour/day, crawling technology that searches for posts.
  • Utilizing automated data collection as well as human researchers to provide a comprehensive solution.

Our prices are extremely competitive and we're always willing to negotiate. Whether you have just a handful of units or a real estate rental empire, we customize our solution to best fit our clients' needs.